Daycare, private teaching and group courses, swimming for dogs, physiotherapy, dog grooming and a lot more...

First indoor dogpark at Budapest

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Dog daycare

Whether it's half an hour or a whole day, we have a solution for everything.

Dog school

We help you to solve all type of problems with our trainers!


Half an hour of swimming worths 2 hours of intense walking

Nightcare for dogs

In a cozy environment, with professional background and door-to-door delivery.


Therapy includes various types of special massages, movements and laser treatments.

Dog grooming

Dog cosmetics are not just for show dogs.

Ultrasonic dental plaque removal

Plaque removal without anesthesia.

Dog massage

Massage is beneficial not only for humans but also for dogs.

Dog walking

The help goes to your house in Újlipótváros

Event venue

Providing a venue for dog events.