Napközi, kutyakozmetika, egyéni és csoportos oktatás, masszázs, fizioterápia, és még sok más…

First indoor dogpark at Budapest

House rules

Please read carefully!

To enter the whole area with sick, diarrheal, coughing dog and also with dogs in heat is FORBIDDEN!


  1. We can only accept healthy dogs with a registered microchip, deworming stamps and valid vaccinations in the vaccination book.
  2. The dog's vaccination book needs to be brought at the first time. The content will be checked to see if the dog has the necessary vaccinations (against rabies and parvo) and deworming. The data in the vaccination book (vaccinations, date of deworming, owner's name, contact details) will be recorded in our own database.
  3. We cannot accept dogs in heat as well as dogs with behavioural problems, or aggressive or not socialized dogs.
  4. We reserve the right to decide whether a dog can come into the daycare or not.
  5. Please ensure that your dog had to chance to do his needs before arrival.
  6. All Owners are kindly requested to arrive for their dogs by closing time. Otherwise, we will charge a fee of 1,500 HUF for every started 15 minutes.


Dog grooming, Physiotherapy, Training:

  1. Owners arriving for dog grooming, physiotherapy and education can get around the playground through the corridor with the dog on a leash.
  2. If the dog behaves aggressively, the use of a muzzle is also mandatory.
  3. Dogs arriving for grooming or physiotherapy can only use the playground with check-in and for a fee.