Daycare, private teaching and group courses, swimming for dogs, physiotherapy, dog grooming and a lot more...

First indoor dogpark at Budapest


ServicePricePrice unit
Daycare under 4 hours of stay800 FtEvery started hour
Daycare for the entire day5000 FtIn case of longer then 4 hours stay for the entire day may it be 4h30 minutes or 12 hours.
Daycare pass (valid for 6 weeks)45000 Ft10 occasions
Daycare pass (valid for 2 weeks)35000 Ft10 occasions
Szombat-Bérlet (5 hétig érvényes)18,000 Ft4 alkalmas
Door to door delivery service1500-4000 Ft-ig1 direction (The price depends on the distance. For details please contact us!)
Individual training8500 Ft1 hour
Tökmag Tanoda40000 Ft8 occasions course
Puppy school advanced level30000 Ft6 occasions course
Puppy school master level30000 Ft6 occasions course
Adult basic level course45000 Ft7 alkalmas tanfolyam
Felnőtt középhaladó tanfolyam50000 Ft7 alkalmas tanfolyam
Tricky paws course30000 Ft6 occasions course
Bravery course4250 Ft30 minutes
Dog hotel service5000 Ftall started calendar day
Ultrasonic dental plaque removal15000 Ft1 occasion
Fizioterápia – Állapotfelmérés

Fizioterápia – Kezelés
12000 Ft

10000 Ft
90-120 perc

60 minutes
Dog massage2250 Ft / 4500 Ft30 minutes / 60 minutes