Swimming and swimming teaching

Half an hour of swimming is equivalent to 2 hours of active walking.

For small size dogs we provide the possibility to use the pool. 

Getting dogs used to water

If your dog is afraid of the water or doesn’t like to swim, it could simply be the result of a negative experience or a lack of habituation. We try to help with these with the help of our swimming coordinator. We provide a life jacket for your dog and our swimming coordinator will be constantly in the water with him, keeping him, helping him both float and swim.

Active swimming

If your dog loves to swim but you don’t have the opportunity to take him to the water anywhere, this is for you! Come for a half-hour swim so your dog can enjoy the joy of the water. 


When swimming, only the owner (s) and their dog (s) use the pool and it's area.

Conditions for using the pool: