Veronika Schmieder


Because of my passion for animals I moved into the direction of biology. For a long time I assisted in my father's veterinary work, and I obtained my degree in biology, and during 2 years i participated in a researcher group where we examinated the diseases of sheltered dogs in the Virology research group in Pécs. In 2014, I completed the Pet Physiotherapist training organized by the Hungarian Pet Physiotherapy Society. I worked at Pécs and it's surroundings during years and also at Dunaföldvár. In 2018, I became a member of the Pozsonyi Vet Office team, where I also work as a physiotherapist and vet assistant. It gives me great pleasure to be able to participate in pet therapy as a member of the Top-Pancs crew. Physiotherapy provides complementary treatment in rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery for dogs and cats with orthopedic, neurological diseases, limited mobility, aging, poor physique or even active sports. Therapy includes various massages, physiotherapy and electrotherapy treatments (laser therapy or TENS treatment). We work together to make our pets live an active, full life!
I look forward to seeing all doggies and kittens who want to exercise!